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Communication Studies
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Terry Flynn

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Lecture 1: Introduction to Communication VIDEO: Social Media 2013 | New Music by Eric Qualman - social media revolution What is communication? - “The process of human beings responding to the symbolic behaviour of others” - symbolic things that can be as real as tangible objects o act that can create real things - A Relational & Symbolic Act - Relational: must have at least one other person in the equation - Symbolic: act can have consequences that are real things o Eg. Judge determines divorce  affects marital status, loneliness, etc. What is a “sign”? - can be a word - signifier – image of a word o arbitrary o different in different languages but same concept (eg. Word for cat) - non-verbal behaviour (eg. Head nodding) o can be ambiguous What are some of the many meanings of communication? - eg. Scientist’s vs. engineer’s vs. cognitive/behavioural scientist’s vs. artist’s meaning of “communication” What are some types of communication? - Intrapersonal o Pathology, inner speech o Internal monologue vs. external speech  Eg. Patient who says everything on his mind  Eg. Cab driver who can’t name things o Dyadic (in pairs)  Lead to deep conversation and intimacy  When increased to 3 people, loses intimacy  Communication in larger groups often divide into shifting dyadic pairs of communication o Small Group (3-12)  Everyone can participate equally  Affected by type of leader o Public Speaking  Different methods of effectiveness • Eg. Bill Clinton vs. Steve Jobs. Vs. Barack Obama  Unequal amount of speaking  Limited verbal feedback o Mass Communication  Broadcasting model • Via media • Carefully packaged – sender has control • Many gatekeepers who approve message before release • Expensive o Social Media Communication  no control  don’t know what will be done to message (eg. Turned to mem
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