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Lecture 3

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McMaster University
Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

Introduction to Communication Week 2: Lecture 3 Tuesday January 14, 2014 Sevigny Nicholas Carr: The Shallows The Technology Paradox: • Technology becomes an extension of humanity • In 1994 internet really started to hit the market and during this time people’s behaviorus changed • People’s life flow changed when everything became accessible • Culture shift between memory into a simple search • We adapt to it – Nietzsche’s style of writing changed once he started using the typewriter • Tablets: people wanted mobility in their technology • Peoples writing style changed from hand writing with a pen into typing onto a computer • Writing takes time and is labour and time extensive o This is called technological determination • “Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts” • The technology you use changes the way people think and write Technological Determinism: • Marshall McLuhan • Technology is changing our mind and eyes • “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” • “All technology is communication, an extension of ourselves that allows us to reach future through time and/or space.” • Time has been collapses by technology of automobiles rather then traveling on a horse • o The Vision of the Future o The Future of Advertising o Private Identity o The New Politics Is The Internet Changing Our Brains: • Nicholas Carr Nicholas Carr’s Research Premise: • Is the brain as permanently hard-wired as once thought • Does the brain develop and adapt to new conditions • How and to what extent is digital media changing our thought processes (for good and bad). • to what extent is technology is changing our mindset? • Cognitive overload (because of digital media) inhibits our ability to focus and reflect Mind-Body Dualism: • René Descartes • Proposed that the mind and the body are completely separate • “I think therefore I am.” • The only way you can prove your being as a rational person is to think before you act Nature vs Nurture: • John Locke • Nature: The mind is a blank slate • Nurture: shapes the mind • Imma
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