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McMaster University
Communication Studies
Terry Flynn

Friday November 15 , 2013 Chapter 6 – UHC Can a prof build relationships with students? - Friendships based on groups that we joined - Music that we like - Relationships pervade our entire life - Some are forced on us (i.e siblings) - We thrive as humans on relationships - We create them, cultivate them over time Video Rant due next week - Show your creative side - Fun issue or serious issue - Current events/ worth while - **CHANGE TO THE RUBRIC** - 60-90 seconds (not 30-60) - 90 seconds is the same length of seconds as a typical news rant - You can be creative, but don’t over- produce - We want the communicative message to be convincing us, the creativity - Persuade your TA that this is something worth while Good Relationships - Good communication - Trust - Honesty - Loyalty - Common Interest - Self-disclosure - Transparency - Mutual Respect and Understanding - “Agree to disagree” - Attentiveness - Aware - Control mutuality – Power is shared at different times, at different times it will go back and forth, both people control the outcomes together Bad Relationships - Not communicating - Lying - Domination - Selfishness - Micromanaging - Not listening - Disrespect - Not giving back - “One way” The Core of Relationships - Trust: to what degree do I trust the other person in this relationship? - Transparency: to what degree is this an honest and open relationship? - Commitment: to what degree are we committed to this relationship? - Satisfaction: To what degree am I satisfied with this relationship? Do I get something out of it? (pleasure, intellectual stimulation…) - Control Mutuality: To what degree to we share power? - **Rate each one out of 10, then count up out of 50 What kind of relationship? - Exchange/Transactional: Can I borrow the car? - Communal/Societal How do we communicate? - Great relationships are comprised of great communicators? - Communication is both from content and relational messages. - Some of these messages are from non-
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