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Hacktivists are doing the world a favour and should be forgiven for breaking the law - DEBATE #3 TOPIC for CMST 1A03.docx

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Kamila P

Debate 3Hacktivists are doing the world a favour and should be forgiven for breaking the lawYes should be forgivenNo shouldnt be forgiven Their main purpose is to expose politicalCategorized as a part of cyber activismconfidential documentations to public society suchThis activism is defined as illegal offensive as political scandals both waysThey are for cyber activity against political ideas and issuesthe public not against They are high intelligent peoplegroups whoThe use computers and computer networks for have cyber skills of illegally accessing political purposes especially to promote free government computer systemsspeech and human rights DDoS denialofservice attackscausingCarried out on the basis of idea that proper use of traffic on the internet such as accessing a site technology can produce results similar to those of and so many people are always using this server conventional promote activism and civil constantly Anonymous disobedience definitions 1 Hacktivism is a form of civil disobedience Their main purpose is to expose politicalIt is the modern online version of traditional confidential documentations to public society protests marches and ralliessuch as political scandals both waysTheyActs of this are very similar to historical acts of are against the lawcivil disobedience in our country that took placeThis is often described as cyber terrorismthe time of the American Revolution and CivilFor example WikiLeaks is an example of new Rights Movementcontroversial media platform of exposing political scandals around the world For Example 1 for civil disobed
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