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Communication Studies
Dave Gerry

CMST 2Q03 Lecture 4 Roots of Indian Music 12/09/2013 The Vedas: - Began with an ancient writing system - Series of poetic ballets that have ancient roots, to the beginning of civilizations that used writing in Indian culture - People that were trusted to write Vedas were all caste related (born into what part of society, what "group") - The highest group, Brahman's were the ones who wrote them and performed them - The power to perform these were seen as an aspect of the divine - Power and beauty of religious experience extolled and represented in poetry - Brahmans (the caste who would recite the Vedas) were also entrusted with the supernatural, intellectual, and education Carnatic (Karnatak) System - Associated with the south - Similar to the north because of the use of ragas - Style of performance differentiates from the north - Sometimes seen as less accessible - Sangitaramakara; 13th century treatise that explains how to recite and perform these ragas - Political rule play a part in the differentiation between south and north Music of the South - Much more of a dance tradition - Music has a much bigger tie with dance in the south than in the north - Importance of dance at temples and at court - Devadasis: "servants of the Gods" - By the early 20th C., a change in attitude to the performing arts (it becomes ok for someone to be a dancer/musician, aren't considered a "prostitute" or person with no morals) Carnatic Recital - Use of vocal music - Starts with a varnam, a "warm-up" piece - Kritis: multi-section pieces, some improvisation, some composed elements, mostly vocal with some violin or percussion - Some sections with no rhythmic structure - Following this, less demanding repertoire (lyrical, erotic etc) - Also dance involved (not seen too much in the North) - Violin is used a lot in the south and not so
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