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McMaster University
Communication Studies
Matthew Tegelberg

September 19 3 Active Audience Theories - Watched Thrift Shop music video - Is it a way audience takes in a product and makes it their own or is it massive marketing? Practice of Everyday life - De Certeau is interesting in what he refers to as ‘users’ in modern, industrial societies. He claims that in the practice of everyday life each of us creates our own distinct uses for the commodities we consume - He calls for further examination of what audiences “make of what they absorbed, receive, and pay for? What do they do with it?” - He also argues resistance to the culture products of those in power is by no means a new phenomenon. He uses the example of indigenous resistance to Spanish colonization. - De Certeau is one of the earliest thinkers to accept that popular culture and cultural commodities is a valid area to study. His ideas are part of the reason a class like this exists! Cultural Commodity/product - the key to understanding the cultural commodity is the fact that a user doesn’t just consume some
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