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Lecture 3

Week 3 September 16

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McMaster University
Communication Studies
Matthew Tegelberg

September 16 Active Audience Theory - Several factors contribute to te emergence of active audience theory: o End of WWII. In the post-war context, there is less immediate concern about the ‘effects’ of propaganda o Culture industries- advertising, tellevisionm populat music, celebrity culture- exploe in the 50s and 60s. o Rise of the “culture commodity”: new forms of entertainment besed consumption. The commodity takes the form od an experience rather than something material that is bought and sold. 3 AA theories: 1. Encosing/decoding and the Nationwide Audience 2. The Practice of Everyday life 3. Understanding Popular culture - Each writer proposes a ‘ two-way relationship between audiences and texts whereby readers can reist, engage with and create their own meaning from the culture they receive from above. Key Question: Do small acts of audience resistance to texts created by the ‘culture industry’ make a difference or matter? Resistance? Or another cog in the culture industry Nervana - On the cover of Rolling Stone yet wearing a shirt saying “corporate magazines still sucks” - Is he resisting or is he endorsing the culture industry Stuart Hall and the Birmingham School - 60s and 70s in Britan, a group of academics found the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Culture Studies where they begin to develop new methods of studying sudiences. - Hall, now a widely respected cultural theorist, becomes the Directos of the Centre in 68 - He proposes a new audience theory that contrasts with the passive SEE SLIDES Encoding and Decoding - Halls key poing is that a media message has NO effect
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