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Financial Accounts

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The financial accounts provide a wealth of information that is useful to various users of financial information, as summarised below: User Interest in / Use of Accounting Information Investors Investors are concerned about risk and return in relation to their investments. They require information to decide whether they should continue to invest in a business. They also need to be able to assess whether a business will be able to pay dividends, and to measure the performance of the business' management overall Banks and other financial institutions who lend money to a business require Lenders information that helps them determined whether loans and interest will be paid when due Creditors Suppliers and trade creditors require information that helps them understand and assess the short-term liquidity of a business. Is the business able to pay short-term debt when it falls due? Customers & Customers and trade debtors require information about the ability of the business to Debtors survive and prosper. As customers of the company's products, they have a long-term interest in the company's range of products and services. They may even be dependent on the business for certain products or services Employees Employees (and organisations that represent them - e.g. trade unions) require information about the stability an
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