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Lecture 3

COMMERCE 1BA3 Lecture 3: Chapter 3 Perception

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Frances L Tuer

Monday, September 19, 2016 Perception, Attribution and Diversity Chapter 3 Perception - Process of interpreting the messages of our senses 3 Factors that Influence Perception 1. YOU — how you're feeling in the moment. Emotional state. Experiences. Perceptual Defence 2. THEM/ IT: Target 3. SITUATION - NFL and Rihanna Social Identity Theory: Self- Perception - People form perceptions of your selfself first - Based on their personal characteristics (form personal identity) AND - Their membership in social categories (social identity) - Examples: age, etc Social Identity Theory: Other- Perception - Perceive members of your own categories as quite similar to each other whereas members of other categories are quite different from those in your category - Typical, but not always, perceive your own category as - And heres how it happens… 1 Monday, September 19, 2016 Takeaways From Bruner’s Model - Perception is consistent - Drive for perceptual consistency and perceptual constancy, when it comes to specific targets - Perceptual bias makes it really hard to change perceptions Basic Biases in Person and Perception - Primacy and Recency Effects - Reliance on Central traits - Implicit Personality theories - Projection - speaking up for a group that doesn't agree - Stereotyping Flawed Perceptions in HRM: HIRING
 - Employment interview - active bias by interviewee, biased - Comparison to ideal candidate traits Flawed Perceptions in HRM: Performance Appraisal - rater (leniency, harshness, central tendency, halo (one good attribute, so they think everythings good), and similar to me effects) - SOLUTIONS: - Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) - see Exhibit 3.12 - Rater Training 2 Monday, September 19, 2016 Two Important Perceptions In Organizations - Perceptions of Trust - What is trust> - What is it based on? - Who does it apply to and what is affected if you don’t perceive them as trust worthy - Perceptions of Organizational Support - Organization care about you and appreciate your contributions Topic 2: Attribution - Process by which Attribution Cues - Consistency - does this person do this behaviour all the time - Consensus - do other people engage in that same behaviour or just that person - Distinctiveness - Is this behaviour distinct the current situation or many different situations Biases in Attribution - Fundamental Attribution Error - me looking at behaviour (observer) - Self-Serving Bias - me looking at my behaviour (actor) - Actor- Observer Effect 3 Monday, September 19, 2016 Workforce Diversity and Perception - Benefits of Diversity - Challenges of Diversity - prejudice and discrimination based on perception TOPIC 3: WORKFORCE DIVERSITY &PERCEPTION - Benefits of Diversity - Challenges of diversity – prejudice and discrimination based on - Prejudice – attitude, discrimination – - Race-more general e.g. Asia
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