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Lecture 1

COMMERCE 1BA3 Lecture 1: OB Chapter 1, Org behaviour and management

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McMaster University
Frances L Tuer

Monday, September 12, 2016 Chapter 1, Org Behaviour Management Chapter 1 What are ORGANIZATIONS? - Social inventions - created for people, by people, containing people - For accomplishing common goals - Through group effort - You have to be able to buy into the goal - Have to be able to work with other people What is Organizational Behaviour - Attitudes and Behaviour - our attitudes explain our behaviour - Other people influence you Why Study OB? - Source of competitive advantage - link between human capital and firm performance - Its not what you've got, its what you do with it What are the Goals of OB? - Predict organizational behaviour - Explain organizational behaviour - Manage organizational behaviour 1 Monday, September 12, 2016 What is Management? - Its an art - Getting things accomplished in organizations - Managers do it through other people What is Evidence Based Management? - pg 11. in the text - Scientific evidence (data) Two Early Views of Management Classical View - Scientific Management (F. W. Taylor) - Bureaucracy (Weber) Human Relations View - Mary Parker - Elton Mayo - Hawthorne Studies What Does Contemporary Management Believe In? - Contingency approach - appropriate style is contingent (depends) on the demands of the situation - all classic all the time - all human relations all the time - blend of both at different times and places - Depending on: - the nature of the industry 2 Monday, September 12, 2016 - t
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