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McMaster University
Emad Mohammad

Interview Questions (1) Describe three conflict situations from your past personal and professional lives and describe how you walked through it Do not prevent – resolve Best decision-making comes from opposition Surface it, honor it and resolve it (2) Please define situational sensing and give me three examples to show that you would measure high on it Have to know self well and know what scenarios you like/dislike Situational sensing: bounce into situation and know what is the best reaction Ex. know when to speak up and be assertive vs. know when to shut up (3) Please define emotional intelligence and give me three examples over the last 6 months of your life that would demonstrate you would score high on emotional intelligence. (4) Tell us how you would tackle the steps of change. - Step 1: current state (current state of division, etc.) - Step 2: desired state (where you need to be) - Step 3: measure the magnitude of the gap and close the gap - Step 4: measure the changes and start all over (5) You are chosen to join our team, our clients will ask you continuously how do we measure up on the CSR scale. Define CSR and give examples of it Pyramid into four Define CSR by four levels (wavy line between top two and bottom two) Corporate social responsibility (bottom up): 1) Economic: we are the best, I am so excited you asked this question We have a solid track record of economic CSR because the promises we made to shareholders we
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