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Teal Mc Ateer

Week 8A – Socialization and Culture Realistic job preview (RJP)  A mechanism used by organizations to present both the desirable and undesirable aspects of the organization and the job at the cusp of entry o Reduces cognitive dissonance o E.g. work simulation or a video  An RJP increases the likelihood of probability of person-job match and decreases the number of undecided, those with more complete image will be committed and will stay longer Psychological contract  Unwritten, the mutual expectation of inputs and outcomes from both the employer and the employee  How does a psychological contract compare to ER and LR o One must follow through with trust and promises Developing commitment in a new recruit  Once an organization does all the procedures, the recruit is now an organizational member  The job of management is to get the member to be schooled in and committed to the organizations goals, objectives and ways of conducting business  Escalation of commitment o Visibility – commitment increases as it becomes more visible and out there o Explicitness – accepting the visibility given in step one o Irreversibility – the more irreversible behavior that can’t be undone, the more committed you get o Personal volition – “glue”, will, determination, hunger Socialization  Process by which an employee begins to adapt to the values, norms and beliefs of the organization and its members (culture)  Process by which people learn the attitudes, knowledge or behaviours necessary to survive in a group o Involves learning the organization’s climate and “learning to fit in” through osmosis  Culture o Members shared perceptions of the contingencies between behaviours that occurs in the work environment and their consequences o Learning what behaviours are expected, acceptable and unacceptable Strategic Importance of Socialization  Sets the tone of employment relationship  Clarifies expectations/how things are done (less dissonance)  Reduces anxiety for new employees o Will I fit in? Will I enjoy the job/co-workers/etc? (less stress)  Effects employee attitudes and behavior o Distal outcomes like job satisfaction, commitment and job performance  Proximal leads to distal outcomes o Proximal outcomes – master a task, become socially integrated, new learning and person-organization fit o Distal outcomes – job satisfaction, OCB, decreased stress and decreased turnover Socialization vs Orientation  Socialization o Process of employees adapting to organization (culture/climate) o Long-term process, often informal  Orientation o Program that informs new employees about their job and company o Marks the beginning of socialization o Includes history, policy, rules, benefits and services (above the waterline) o Short-term process, often formal Stages of Socialization  Anticipatory (pre-arrival) o Employees begin with certain expectations about organization and job o May be unrealistic, if unmet, result in dissatisfaction, turnover, etc. o RJP may be helpful, info about job demands and working conditions (both positive and negative)  Encounter o Employee has started new job o Inconsistencies between expectations and reality emerge (role conflict/role ambiguity) o Needs info re: policies, procedures, etc.  E.g. via orientation program - organizational issues, policies, benefits, introductions, job duties o Benefits if a good socialization program  Shows organization values to employee  Reduces employee anxiety and turnover  Reduces start-up costs  Clarifies job and organization expectations  Improves job performance  Change (setting in) o Inconsistencies start to get worked out o Employee begins to identify with organization o Transition from being an outsider to feel
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