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Organizational Behaviour Week 9 - Power, Politics and Ethics.docx

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Teal Mc Ateer

Week 9Power Politics and EthicsWhat is PowerThe capacity to influence others who are in a state of dependencePower is seen as social exchange based on the social exchange theory o Resource dependency occurs when an individual needs something that another person has person with need is dependent on other o Power or influence occurs when person with need gets it in exchange for somethingSometimes does not always work due to o Alternative sourcing o StockpilingMcClellands positive and negative power o Positive two way and negative one way o Both lead to some result person does what they are told o Positive leads to a happy receiverWho wants PowerThose high on McClellands need for powerThe most effective managers have o High npow o Use their power to achieve organizational goals o Adopt a participative or coaching leadership style o Are relatively unconcerned with how much others like themPersonal vs affiliated power mangers o Personaluse of power for personal gain o Affiliateduse power to be likedHow do People obtain PowerDoing the right things o Extraordinary activities nonroutine positionsAttach yourself to unique nonroutine things o Visible activitiesPublicize o Relevant activitiesAdd value or be significant to jobCultivating the right people o Develop informal relationships with the right people outsiders subordinates peers and superiorsWho you know how to connect
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