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Teal Mc Ateer

Leadership Slide notes What is leadership? Transactional vs transformational 2 major tasks that leaders take on: 1. managing those around them to get the day to day tasks done 2. inspiring others to do the extraordinary Formal vs informal Formal – who’s at sponsorship level? And organizational chart Ie VP of Sales Informal – title means nothing, influence group members beyond their role (low level participants) Expertise and referent power Difference between positive power and negative power Positive power MBO Motivation 2 way problem solving Negative power One way problem solving *leaders vs managers Transactional effect All leaders are managers but not all managers are leaders *transformational vs transactional Transformational Arouse intense feelings which leads to generating one on one relationships (capabililty to inspire) Inspirational leader concerned more with ideas than process Rely on personal sources of power –referent (to be like you) and expertise Charisma make you feel like you can do anything Transactional Task master 1 plan 2 organize 3 delegate 4 provide feedback p.289 universal leaders influence traits – leaders are leaders because of some enduring aspect, because of behaviour regardless of situation leader will be leader no matter where he goes traits are demonstrative and effective in all situations consistency in what they bring and make impact values are consistent no situational sensing situational contingency leaders will adjust the expression of certain traits or behaviours to fit the demands of the situation cameleon: we change to be effective 1. universal leader influence 2. universal behaviour theories 1. task leader Traditional transactional tasks 2. social emotional leader Conflict res Stress mgt Improved satisfaction Reducing tension The Ohio State Studies Initiating Consideration – socioemotional Initiating Structure – task oriented Production oriented – task, structure, planning, monitoring Employee oriented – listening, stress mgt, tension reduction Managerial grid – concern for people vs concern for production 3) Situation –Contingent Leader Influence The nature of the situation determines which leadership characteristics/traits would be effective 1. leadership orientation Are you more task oriented or social/ppl oriented? 2. situational favourableness The extent to which the group trusts and follows leaders’ direction 1. trust/respect...high trust vs low trust 2. task specific/defined vs ambiguous, unstructured 3. leader has official power (to non official power) or actual ability to push push people in a certain direction Therefore task or socio would be best 4. House’s Path Goal Theory Beginning of where we are today Biggest impact on today 1. leader behaviour
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