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Teal Mc Ateer

Review Chp 8 culture social Rjp, psycho contract Diff btwen orientation and socialization Series of steps : how to develop early commitment in a new recruit Strat imp of social..why we do it and why bother 2 models Three stages of socialization Anicp, at the cusp, encounter, change or settling in Socialization tactics How to socialize in a stronge culture Selection, hazing – 7 steps 6 tatics of socialization Paired up..collect vs indivi.random vs sequential etc Diff bwtn socialization methods..proximal outcomes and dismal..outcomes Culture, climate, subculture How to diagnos a culture..symbols, rituals, stories Mentoring-to be apprentice, ex coach, etc Hard and soft coaching and psychosocial\ 3 adv of strong culture 2 disad of strong culture A psyc contract is c. implicit..based on perceptions, set of beliefs diagnosing a culture involves c. three primary components of a we observe it leadership chp 9 17 q from one handout..4 approaches to studying leadership Leader eff is l+.. Traits, grp member charac, situation etc Goal path theory – 4 queestions Fiedler Transformative vs transaction Diff btn leader and mgr Informal vs formal leadership What is universal theory, sit conting theory Universal trait approach, universal behaviour approach etc Framework for traditional leadership theories..handout and powerpoint Universal trait – original work on great person Charisma How did study of charisma and great person approach lead to transformation Universal behaviour..ohio state and managerical grid..production vs people orientation Xy within universal beha Employee concern vs production concern Alternative theories Leader member exchange, - whats the difficulty How to develop one on one Developmental leader Strategic leader Above 3 are contemporary approaches Global leadership Leadership effective is l+...(teals)l1+l2+g Traits+behaviours+situation Diff between neutralizer and substitute What neutralizes power Chp 12 power, politics, ethics Resource dependency Power – someone dep on onther person for something Power relationshiop-2 steps You do something to get what i have Diff between positive and neg power-mcclelan Social exchange in power Pos or down 5 bases of power Personal sources and org sources Leg, coercive, reward Referent and expert How ppl obtain power Do the right thing, cultivate the right ppl Empowerment Influence tactics..rational persuasion, Matching which 5 sources of power to influence tactis What kind of tactics would a coercion power use etc The strat conting of power Subunit of power Shifting of subunits ie 911 Politics and ethics Ethics and morals Causes of unethical behaviour What causes ppl to cheat, p
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