COMMERCE 1BA3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Type Physicalism

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2 Aug 2016
-to interpret, to order (based on needs/values), & to provide meaning (attribution)
Components of Perception (MC)
**Social Identity theory
1.People as perceivers form perceptions of themselves based on their characteristics
&memberships in social categories (identity of self that affects you)
2.People form perceptions of others based on their memberships on social situation (impression
of you that affects me)
In-class basic model: Perceptual Process - 5 phases of the general model
1.Environmental stimuli: everything around you; smell; lack of window; air quality; traffic; sensory
2.Observation: 5 ways of starting to process material - feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting
3.Perceptual selection: choice to pay attention; dependent on two things: what you bring & and
what the person is giving off; based on values
4.Perceptual organization/ construction: we construct a reality/ picture
5.Interpretation: attribution; where we assign a meaning/reason to the type of behaviour: lazy bc
he doesn't care;
***which of these scenarios
Bruner's Model
Unfamiliar target encountered - new co-worker (environmental stimuli; didn't do anything with it)
Openness to target cause - search for information
Familiar cues encountered - co-worker is Stanford grad
Target categorized - "good man" with "good potential"
Cue selectivity - performance is ignored
Categorization strengthened - co-worker is still a "good man" with "good potential"
**Attribution MC
What is attribution MC - process
Internal attribution - it's bc of you; lazy bc not trying; make the reason about the person
External attribution - reason is about the other guy: would've gotten a higher mark bc of the rest of the
Attribution cues:
1.Consistency cues: Information about an employee's performance over time
2.Consensus cues: data that provides comparison across employees
3.Distinctiveness cues: data that allows comparisons across tasks
Problem employee; asked for data to try and decide if it's Charlie's fault or the environment?
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