COMMERCE 1BA3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness

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2 Aug 2016
Ability, Personality, Attitudes
MC: diff bet'n ability and personality
Ability- competencies/ skill/ honed activity; something we work on LPs - building competencies
Personality - relatively stable; hard-wiring, genes, tendencies (know the big5); born with it;
predisposition that feeds into s and t that affects the r.
S+t=r - - -- is my thinking only affected by nature? Or by nurture?
THREE Abilities (for the assignment/EXAM)
1.Cognitive: -all testing / decisions should have multiple hurdles (MC); not on specific 4hrs; more
variables looked at before making the decision; ex: presentation+ conversation with faculty
members, etc
-multiple hurdling increases probability of a good candidate organization fit
-does he have the finance capability; do you have the accounting intelligence required, etc; are
you testable
1.Emotional: -measure of self and others; Daniel Goleman (1st guy to measure Emotional
Quotient) scale or test used to measure something that is a concept
1 Self- awareness 3 Other awareness
2 self-management 4 Other management
Think of scenarios where you can speak about these abilities^; self scan + scan of him; step 4
discussion; not tested but watched; happens in a matter of seconds
-ppl looking at you the higher the EI, the higher the probability/ better ability to lead effectively
-time/stress management; the higher the EI, the higher the ability to manage stress
-job performance, the higher EI, the greater the # of diff perf measures that are higher; conflict
resolution, ability to grow a team
1.Cultural: -"could you think of examples where you were able to manage cultural diversity;
synergistic solution"; high CQ: working in a diverse team, international relations; public relations
(company that has a host in one country and another); job where you negotiate across borders;
supply chain management (are you able to develop relationships)
***4 Sub skills
1.CQ-Strategy: set up a plan of how to learn a little bit language/politics/ specific business aqu
2.CQ-Knowledge: meeting colleagues; learning Italian; she took the notes; she did it
3.CQ-Motivation: passionate about it;
*****(pg 46)5 Factor Model of Personality
-all 5 are relatively independent
-cross culturally; they hold up
-there is evidence that there is a genetic basis; hard wired
1.Extraversion (or introversion) - outgoing/shy; the higher on extraversion:
assertive/energetic/sociable (capability and ppl skills);
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