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Rita Cossa

Chapter 13Motivating EmployeesMotivation is a persons internal drive to act Direct costs include the time it takes to hire the replacement and costs related to on boarding The indirect costs are harder to quantify but they can be substantial as they include loss of productivity The soft costs are even greater loss of intellectual capital decreased morale increased employee stress and a negative reputation Intrinsic reward is the good feeling you have when you have done a job well Extrinsic reward is something given to you by someone else as recognition for good work extrinsic rewards include pay increases praise and promotions Frederick Taylor The Father of Scientific Management o The book The Principles of Scientific Management was written by an American efficiency engineer Frederick Taylor and earned him the title of father of scientific managemento Scientific management is studying workers o find the most efficient ways of doing things and then teaching people those techniques o Three elements were basic to Taylors approach time methods and rules of worko Timemotion studies were studies begun by Frederick Taylor of which tasks must be performed to complete a job and the time needed to do each task
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