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Lecture 4

COMMERCE 2BC3 Lecture 4: Week 2

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Let’s “tat a usiess!
What shall e podue/sell?
o What do e eed to do?
Is it aketale? Ca e ake it oe ost-effetiel? Is it soethig
ou opetito a easil iitate?
Capital, taget aket….et..
All of aoe eed stateg
What is “tategi Maageet?
Poess that addesses the ogaizatio’s opetitie halleges hih
esults i the ogaizatioal stateg outoe.
Goal of stategi aageet is to deplo ad alloate esoues i a a
that gies ad ogaizatio opetitie adatage
Iteded stategies s. Eeget “tategies
o Iteded stategies:
o Eeget “tategies: eegee, as e do the ok, soethig
ill hage duig the ok.
Tpiall fo otto up, fidig the a oe heape,
fo okes to ustoe
E. “tauks: lauh the offee to othe outies.
Custoes pefe othe tastes. Top aageet
said o hages. But loe okes agee to hage
to ate to ustoes tastes.
Liste to ustoes pefeees, liste to ustoes
Geei s. “peifi “tategies
o Geei “tategies
o “peifi stategies: speifi to the otet, i speifi eioet,
speifi opetito
Geei “tategies
Michael Pote:
o Cost e.g. Wal-Mat—loest ost
o Diffeetiatio e.g. the Ba—podue poduts othes aot,
ette ualit the Ba
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o Foused/Nihe e.g. Holt Refe—fous to speifi goup,
poduts ae uiue.
o Fo s 鞋带的店, 应该 loate fous o ualit, hih is
Miles & Sow
o Pospeto – Itodutio o goth stage e.g. M
Itodue the poduts
M – otiue to ete e aket.
Apple – ioato, itodue e thigs all the tie
Eithe etepeeu, o ioato.
o Defede – stale aket e.g. Holt Refe
Does ot hage
The podut ill ot e so diffeet
o Aalze – ost ogaizatios etee Defede & Pospeto
Do a little e it hage, still has ioe ased o old
o Reato – o poatie stateg, eatig to eets o opetitio
follo stateg
o a e itegated ad oiatio of aoe.
o What aout shoelae loated i? – Defede
Taditioal , hat peetage of ioatio attepts ee usuessful? – 9%
Custoe oieted ioatio is opaies eed to fous o
Ho feasile is it fo lage, estalished U.“. usiess fis to hage fo eig
poess-oieted e.g. Defede to eig ioatie e.g. Pospeto?
Ve diffiult,
Need to hage the ultue to thik diffeetl
o “tatig eplaig …….
o Taiig, fousig o diffeet thikig o issues to e oe
Dietioal “tategies
Coetatio --- like defede
o Fous o speifi poduts, speifi ustoe, the sta o that
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o Ol satisfied ith that aket
Iteal Goth
o Moig ito e aket, hage the a doig thigs
o Muh like pospeto
Eteal Goth Meges & Auisitios
o Goth, opetitio, ad possil ioatio  auiig othe
Diestet Dosizig
o That is a outoe, ot a stateg
o Ofte esoted to  Reatios, ofte a peuso to akupt
“tatig losig sales
o Dosizig is a e isk thig, ut fo soe opa, the a
stat agai
o The a oe up ith e stateg
“oe Questios Regadig “peifi “tategies
Whee ill e opete?
o Geogaphi Aeas
o Buildig s. olie
Cos of olie: less eposue, less tust, soethig people
do ot like u olie,
Ho ill e opete?
o What do ou ustoes alue?
What do e eed to opete?
o Ifastutue
o Capailities
What is a Busiess Model
“to of ho the fi ill eate alue fo ustoes ad ho it ill do so
pofital --- Coffee shop
Fo Ti Hoto’s: Cost – loe ost
o Custoe alue usiess odel:
speed, pie hages, desig the stoe
o Ho do the poide alue hile eaiig pofitale?geei
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