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Ambika Badh

Chapter 15 – Personal Selling and Sales Promotion Personal Selling  Personal selling – interpersonal influence process involving a seller’s promotional presentation conducted on a person to person basis with the buyer  Sales people are problem solvers who focus on satisfying customers’ needs before, during and after the sale  Personal selling is a vital, vibrant and dynamic process Four Sales Channels  Over-the-counter selling o Personal selling conducted in retail and some wholesale locations in which customers come to the seller’s place of business  Field selling o Sales presentations made at prospective customers’ locations on a face-to-face basis o Expensive form of selling, particularly because of travel expenses o In routine cases, salesperson processes regular customers’ orders o In more complex cases, sales person prepares for weeks, makes presentations and follows up o Network marketing – when field sellers reach out to the final customers through family and friend networks  Telemarketing o Selling process is conducted over the phone o Two purposes: sales and service o Two markets: B2B and B2C o Outbound telemarketing – sales method in which sales personnel place phone calls to prospects and try to conclude the sale over phone  Technologies used  Predictive dialers: weeds out busy signals  Autodialing: dial continuously until customer answers  Random-digit dialing: allows to reach unlisted numbers and lock caller IDs  Drawback: Canadian Do Not Call List  Advantages  Significant rate of success  Average call cost is low o Inbound telemarketing – sales method in which prospects call a seller to obtain information, make reservations and purchase goods and services  Inside selling o Selling by phone, mail and electronic commerce o Turn opportunities into actual sales o Support technicians and purchases with current solutions o Combining field selling fees to inbound and outbound telemarketing Chapter 15 – Personal Selling and Sales Promotion Trends in Personal Selling  Relationship selling o Building mutually beneficial relationships with customers through regular contact over specific time period  Consultative selling o Meeting customer needs by listening to them, understanding their problems, paying attention to details and following through after the sale o Cross selling - offering multiple goods often unrelated to the same customer  Team selling o Salesperson joins with specialists from other functional areas of the firm to complete the selling process o Customers often feel better served by a team approach o Relationships form between companies rather than between individuals o Virtual sales teams – members who may or may not be directly working with the selling company that recommend a firms good’s or services Sales Tasks  Order Processing  Creative selling o Sell in introductory phase, new customers  Missionary selling o Indirect selling, seller contacts indirect customers o Missionary salespeople offer sales incentives The Sales Process  Prospecting and qualifying o Prospecting – identifying potential customers  Time consuming and involves many sources o Qualifying – determining that the prospect is really a potential customer  Not all prospects are qualified to make purchase decisions  Approach – initial contact with prospective customer o Use precall planning research (information collected before) to learn about the industry, the customer, his or her needs and how the products might best meet the needs  Presentation – conveying the marketing message to the customer o “Features-benefits” framework focuses on the good or service in terms that are meaningful to the buyer o Presentations should be well organized, clear and concise o Technology must be used efficiently to be effective o Cold calling – contacting a prospect without a prior appointment Chapter 15 – Personal Selling and Sales Promotion  Demonstration - buyer has a chance to try a product or see how it works o Multimedia interactive demonstrations are on the rise o Key to a good demonstration is planning  Handling Objections - expressions of resistance by the prospect o May take the form of stalling or indecisiveness o Use objections as an opportunity to reassure the buyer or offer more suitable alternatives  Closing – salesperson asks the prospect for an order o Possible strategies  Addressing the prospect’s major concern about a purchase and then offering a convincing ar
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