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Ambika Badh

Chapter 16 – Pricing Concepts and Strategies Pricing Objectives  Profitability objectives o Profits = revenue – expenses o Total revenue = price x quantity sold o Economic theory  All firms behave rationally  All firms try to maximize profit and minimize loss  Volume objectives o Increased sales volume is ore important in the long run than immediate profits  Market share objective  Try to maximize market share  Profit impact of market studies (PIMS) project  Concentrate on non price factors  Profit in long term depends on market share and quality  Meeting competition budgets o Firms sometimes set prices to match established industry price leaders  Value pricing  Focus on benefits derived from your product in comparison to price and quality of the competitors products  Prestige objectives o Establishing a relatively high price to develop and maintain and image of quality and exclusiveness that appeals to status-conscious consumer  For high priced and luxury goods  Not-for-profit organizations o Pricing strategy helps them achieve specific goals  Profit maximization  Charitable events  Cost recovery  Receiving funding for services provided  Market incentives  Increase consumption of their services  Market suppression  Pricing an item at high pricing so people do not buy Methods for Determining Prices  Prices are traditionally determined in two basic ways o Supply and demand (depends on market structure)  Firms don’t always attempt to maximize profits and demand curves and difficult to analyze o Cost-orientated analysis Chapter 16 – Pricing Concepts and Strategies  Customary prices – traditional price that you are used of paying for a particular product or service  Elasticity – measure of responsiveness of purchasers and suppliers to a change in price o Determinants: substitutes, complement, online transactions, necessity or luxury, income and short/long run  Elasticity of Demand – percentage change of quantity of goods and services demanded divided by percentage change in price  Price determination in practice o Cost plus pricing – adding percentage of specified dollar amount or markup, to the base cost of a product to cover unassigned costs and to provide a profit o Full cost pricing – uses all relevant variable costs in setting a product’s price and allocates those fixed costs not directly attributed to the production of the price item o Incremental cost pricing – attempts to use only cost directly attributable to a specific output in setting prices  Break-even analysis – determine the number of products sold at a price to generate enough revenue to cover total cost o Break even point = total fixed costs/per unit contribution to fixed cost o Target returns  Yield management – allows marketers to vary prices based on such factors as demand even though the cost of providing these goods and services remains the same Pricing Strategies  Skimming pricing o Setting a price for a product above market price o Luxury goods or maintaining an image of quality  Penetration pricing strategy o Highly elastic demand o Low production and marketing costs o High likelihood of attracting strong competitors  Everyday low pricing o Disadvantages: reduces revenue and generate an image of questionable quality  Competitive pricing strategy o Setting price at par with competitors o Focus on non price factors to differentiate products o Opening price point – setting an opening price below that of the competition, usually on a high-quality private label item Price Quotations  List price
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