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CH 9 Com 3S03

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Skowronski, Capretta, Dodds

Chapter 9 Conflict and NegotiationConflict is not always bad for a group or organization but improperly diagnosed or left unchecked it can be a highly destructive force Too much conflict can create a toxic workplace environment where satisfaction and performance are low and absenteeism and turnover are highMyths of Conflict and NegotiationConflict is always dysfunctionalConflict is generally a personality problemNegotiation creates a winner and a loserGood conflict mediators are born not madeTypes of Conflict and their Effects Task Conflict conflict over tasks ideas and issues and is divorced from evaluations of peoples characterCan be beneficial to more effective decision making and problem solving and can lead to greater accuracy insight and innovationMay induce a healthy level of constructive criticism and the stimulation of more spireited and evidencebased discussion Relationship Conflict is personalized and therefore highly threatening and damaging for personal relationships team functioning and problem solvingThreatens productivity and interferes with the effort people put into a task because they are preoccupied with retaliation increasing their personal power or attempting to restore cohesion rather than working on the taskPositive Effects of ConflictBrings problems into the open that might otherwise be ignoredCan motivate people to try to understand others positions and ideasEncourages people to voice new ideas facilitating innovation and changeForces people to challenge their thinking and assumptions often improving the quality of decisions Negative Effects of ConflictCan lead to negative emotions and stressOften reduces communication between participants which can hurt work coordinationMay cause leaders to avoid participative leadership and instead rely on topdown authoritarian decisionsCan result in negative stereotyping and workgroup divisions since members of opposing groups tend to emphasize the differences between themselves and the oppositionProject Stage HighPerforming Teams
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