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Chapter 14: Project Closure 4KF3 Lecture Notes Project Closure Types of Project Closure  Normal  Premature  Perpetual  Failed Project  Changed Priority Project Closure Deliverables  Wrapping‐up Closure Activities  Performance Evaluation  Retrospectives Wrap-up Closure Activities  Acceptance by customer  Releasing resources  Reassigning team members  Close accounts  Deliver project to customer  Create a final report Performance Evaluation  Team Evaluation  Individual Evaluation Retrospectives  Use of an Independent Facilitator  Manage Retrospectives Reading Notes Introduction  Three deliverables for project closure 1. Wrapping up the project  Ensure that the project is approved and accepted by the customer  Closing accounts, paying bills, reassigning equipment and personnel, closing facilities, final report 2. Evaluation of performance and management of the project  Team, individuals, project manager performance 3. Retrospectives  Lessons learned  Not all projects end clearly Page 1 of 5 Chapter 14: Project Closure 4KF3 Types of Project Closure  Normal o Simply completed  Premature o Completed early, possibly with some parts of the scope eliminated  Perceptual o Never seem to end o Constant “add-ons”  Failure o Easy to identify o Communicate reasons why  Changed Priority o May need to be altered or cancelled or delayed Wrap-up Closure Activities  Much of the work is mundane and tedious  Motivation can be a chief challenge  Project manager’s responsibility to encourage the team to o Accept he psychological fact that the project will end o Prepare to move on  Implementing closedown 6 major activities: o Getting delivery acceptance from the customer o Shutting down resources and releasing to new uses o Reassigning project team members o Closing accounts and seeing all bills are paid o Delivering the project to the customer o Creating a final report  Conditions for closedown should be set before project begins  Releasing people is typically a gradual process  Creating the final report o Executive summary o Review and analysis  Succinct and factual information o Recommendations  Often technical in nature o Lesson learned  To be applied against future projects o Appendix  Backup data Post-Implementation Evaluation  Project evaluation: to assess how well the project team, team members, and project manager performed Page 2 of 5 Chapter 14: Project Closure 4KF3  Team Evaluation o Measurement against specific criteria o Why is performance evaluation often not done well?  Left to supervisors of home department (not project manager)  Center on time, cost, and specifications  Conditions for evaluation o Do standards for measuring performance exist? o Are individual and team responsibilities and performance standards known? o Are tem rewards adequate? o Is a clear career path visible> o Is the team empowered to manage short-term difficulties? o Is there a high degree of trust? o Are there criteria beyond time, cost, and specifications?  Individual, Team Member, and Project Manager Performance Reviews o 360 degree feedback gaining wider acceptance  Collecting performance information from customers, vendors, peers, and other managers o Performance appraisals two functions:  Developmental (growth)  Evaluative (determine rewards) o Individual Reviews  Informal discussions or written feedback  Using rating  Tips:  Begin by asking individuals to evaluate themselves  Avoid drawing comparisons with other team members  Focus criticism on behaviour not individual
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