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11 Apr 2012
Operations Management
Chapter 2: Quality Management
Quality from the Customer’s Perspective
Fitness for use: is how well the product or service does what it is supposed to do
Quality of design: Involves designing quality characteristics into a product or service
Dimensions of Quality of Manufactured Products
- Performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, safety,
other perceptions
Dimensions of Quality for Services
Time and timeliness, completeness, courtesy, consistency, accessibility and convenience,
accuracy, and responsiveness
Quality from the producer’s perspective
Quality of conformance: Making sure the product or service is produced according to design
- Deming’s approach to quality management advocated continuous improvement of the
production process to achieve conformance to specifications and reduce variability
- 2 primary sources of process improvement:
1) Eliminating common causes of quality problems
2) Eliminating special causes
Believed that the primary responsibility of quality improvement is the employees and
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