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Chapter Seven - Solutions

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Manish Verma

716 a Consistency ratios are Taxes0008 Labour0008 Transport0047 and all criteria0006Therefore all pairwise comparison matrices are consistentbThe weighted average scores for the provinces are Alberta0279 BC0424 Quebec0297cThe new factory should be located in BC717a Consistency ratios are Plot0021 Suspense0082718 10X15Xdd 11 000 profit target 12111X2X d 1300 hours production limit 122d600 twodrawer sales limit1X13 X d400 threedrawer sales limit 24 d variables0All Xii Copyright2010 Pearson Education Canada3719 The best solution is X500 X400 The value of d100 meaning the twodrawer sales goal 123is underachieved by 100 cabinets See file P719XLS720 Solution See file 720XLS Purchase T20 television ads and N20 newspaper ads The budget constraint is 20 000 over the constraint total budget140 000 and the minimum TV spots goal of 10 is overachieved by 10 for a total of 20 TV spots Total exposure is 9 million viewers Note As noted in Section 73 of the text weighted goals are usually appropriate only if all the goals and hence the deviational variables are being measured in the same units Since it is not the case here this problem should ideally be formulated using prioritized goals721 Let Tnumber of TV spots Nnumber of newspaper ads d and ddeviation variables for 11 and ddeviation variables for TV spot goal d and ddeviation variables for budget goal d2233newspaper ad goal and d and ddeviation variables for exposure goal 44dRddRd Objective Minimize ranked deviationsR1122334Copyright2010 Pearson Education Canada4
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