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McMaster University
Linda Stockton

Final Exam 95 questions, M.C. Textbook and lecture notes, no cases. 2 hours. 2 chapters not discussed in class, but need to read Wednesday: last lecture and case Monday: presentations Wednesday: final exam June 4 th Pricing Strategies to use for final presentation: Standard worldwide pricing: group all costs together and then convert using the exchange rate. Dual (two tiered) pricing: all fixed costs allocated to home market and variable costs from foreign market. Can be accused of dumping. Market differentiated pricing: i.e. penetration pricing strategy to capture market share. Such as limited time offer – meaning you can’t get charged with dumping because the next shipment will be higher priced. Looking at everything to determine the price for that market. Transfer pricing: Shipping products between one organization’s SBUs. However, more of a problem internationally; could take advantage on tax laws. Reducing price of a brand name can negatively impact the brand’s reputation. Grey Market Incoterms: when we send invoices to another country, we make sure to use the international recognized wording. Exports: two different costs you incur 1. Market Entry (one-time costs) 2. Market Maintenance (ongoing) Distribution is challenging. Middleman needs to treat the product the same way you do. Retarded distribution challenges i.e. Coca-Cola had to show China what a vending machine is and how it works. Chart on advantages and disadvantages of transportation modes. Airplanes are costly, but shipping by boat is cheaper; but boat insurance is crazy high and it takes a long time to receive, plus products aren’t handled well. Factors influencing channel length: what alterna
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