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Access 1.1 The quick access toolbar allows quick access tools such as save Shutter Bar Open/Close Button: allows you to close and open the navigation pane Navigation Pane: the area that lists all objects (tables, reports, etc.) in the database and is the main for opening and working with database objects Access assigns the default name Table 1 to the first new table you create. Datasheet View: shows the tables contents as a datasheet. The status bar indicates the current view, in this case it is datasheet view Access Window: the program window that appears when you create a new database or open an existing database The ribbon provides the main Access commands organized by task into tabs and groups Datasheet: displays the tables of contents in rows and columns Field: is a single characteristic or attribute of a person, event, place, object or an idea Group related fields into tables. A Table: is a collection of fields that describes a person, place, object, event, or idea. Field Value: specific value or content of a field Record: is a set of field values. Relational Database/Database: a collection of related tables Common Field: connecting the records in the separate tables Primary Key: a field or a collection fields whose values uniquely identify each record in a table Foreign Key: when you include the primary keys from one table as a field in a second table to form a relationship between two tables. Database Management System (DBMS): is a software program that lets you create data tables and then manipulate data in them Relational Database Management System: data that is organized as a collection of tables Relational DBMS Provides The Following Functions: -allows you to create database structures containing fields, tables, and table relationships -let you easily add new records, change field values in existing records, and delete records -it contains a built-in query language, which lets you obtain immediate answers to the questions you ask about your data -it contains a built in report generator, which lets you produce professional-looking, formatted reports from your data -it protects databases through security, control, and recovery facilities Allows users in the same groups to share the same data Template: a predesigned database that includes professionally designed tables, reports, and other database objects that can make it quick and easy for you to create a database Data Type: determines what field values you can enter for the field AutoNumber: automatically inserts a unique number in this field for every record, there fore it can serve as the primary key for any table you create Text Data Type: field values containing letters, digits, and other characters, and which is appropriate for identifying numbers, such as contract numbers, that are never used in calculations. Row(Records) and Columns(Fields) Field Sector/Record Sector: selects that entire column or row which you can manipulate Field Sector is also called a Column Selector, and a Record Selector is also called a Row Selector The pencil symbol indicates that the record is being edited The star symbol identifies the second row as the next row available for a new record Quiz 1.1 Check A field is a single characteristic of a person, place, object, event, or idea. You connect the records in two separate tables though a common field The primary key whose values uniquely identify each record in a table, is called a foreign key when it is placed in a second table to form a relationship between the two tables The navigation pane is the area of the access window that lists all the objects in a database, and it is the main control center for opening and working with database objects Which field does Access create by default, as the primary key field for a new table in Datasheet view? -ID Field Which group on the fields tab contains the options you use to add new fields to a table? -Add & Delete What does a pencil symbol at the beginning of a record represent? A star symbol? -A pencil symbol representing that you are currently editing a record. A star symbol indicates that the second row as the next row available for a new record Access 1.2 Form: a database, object you use to enter, edit, and view records in a database Query Wizard: button opens a dialog box with different types of wizards that guide you through the steps to create a query Simple Query Wizard: allows you to select records and fields quickly to display in the query results You use the options in the Tables group to create a Table in Datasheet view or in Design view The Queries group contains options for creating a query: which is a question you ask about the data stored in a database Form Tool: quickly creates a form containing all the fields in the table(or query) on which youre basing the form Form Wizard: guides you through the process of creating a form The Report Tool: places all the fields form a selected table(or query) on a report, making it the quickest way to create a report Report Wizard: guides you through the process of creating a report Report: a formatted printout of the contents of on or more tables in a database
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