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Access Tutorial 2 Terms Definitions Table Design grid The top portion of the table window in design view F6 key that moves you from the table design grid to the field properties pane* design view allows you to define or modify a table structure or the properties of the fields in a table description property the place that you enter an optional description for a field to explain its purpose or usage field properties pane the bottom portion of the table window in design view composite key when two of more fields might be needed to function as the primary key, the primary key is called a.. data redundancy when you store the same data in more than one place, this occurs properties characteristics of each field set (a property) when you select or enter a value for a property Field Size property defines a field value's maximum storage size for text number and autoNumber fields only text data type allows field values containing letters, digits, spaces and special charaters. use for names, addresses, descriptions and fields containing digits that are not calculations default: 255 characters* memo data type allows field values containing letters, digits spaces and characters. used for long comments and explanations number data type allows positive and negative numbers as field values. numbers can contain digits, a decimal point, commas, a plus sign, and a minus sign -used for calculations except those involved with money - date/time data type allows field values containing valid dates and time from january 1, 100 to december 31 9999. dates can be entered in month/day/year format, or other options. you can perform calculations and you can sort them currency data type allows field values similar to those for the number data type, but it is used for storing monetary values. -not subject to round-off error autoNumber data type consists of integer values created automatically by access each time you create a new record. you can specify sequential numbering or random numbering which guarantees a unique field value so that such a field can serve a a tables primary key yes/no data type limits field values to yes and no, on and off, or true and false. use for fields that indicate the presence or absence of a condition hyperlink data type consists of text used as a hyperlink address, which can have up to four parts: the text that appears in a field or control; the path to a file or page; a location within the file or page; and a text displayed as a screenTip caption prpoerty specifies how the field name is displayed in a database objects, including table and query data-sheets, forms and reports* byte stores whole numbers 0 to 255 with no fractions in one byte integer stores whole numbers -32768 to 32, 767 in two bytes long integer stores whole numbers from -2147483648 to 2174483647 in four bytes -default single stores positive and negative numbers to precisely seven decimal places and uses four bytes double stores positive and neg
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