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Computer Science
Anthony Hurst

HTML NOTES COMP SCI Hyper Text Markup Language, Extensible hypertext markup language. Not a programming tool, code, syntax, rules like grammar. Syntax = formula, code Code that tells the browser how to render the page on your screen, WWW Is not the internet, it is a service on the internet. Internet grew from Arpanet. HTM is also a valid name. Hypertext is a way to organize info on the web. Markup: refers to the symbols in html that allow for text or images in a browser. Extensible HTML specifies the code to display content on web page must follow certain rule, Not really Extensible. Version 1.0 Paired: content end tag>/ Slash and triangles must be there for the syntax Empty element Nest tags content. DTD= document type definition Metadata info about the document itself(keywords, author, conent) When opening the html file use the view source code or view source. Html is the beginning and the end of the page W3c = World Wide Web consortium. Never use to be able to make money off the internet. No title, nothing in between the Meta = the next level therefore metadata= data about the data You can add comments that can’t be seen on the finished product that gives info relevant to the production of the file. Heading elements h1-24pt h2-18pt h3-14pt h4 12pt h5-10pt h6-8pt When ready to name, save as… Automatic Carriage return Bold type Italic conetent Bold and italic = conetent Deprecated tag= out of fashion tags not used anymore. URL- Uniform resource locater, how things are found in the WWW Copyright and Trade mark Copyright= © Trade mark ® One file, call it Index.html En dash and Em dash-is longer Deprecated tags are no longer used. Save file as: filename.htm or filename.html Try to use no more than 8 characters for filenames, lowercase, no spaces or special characters except dash or underscore, AVOID NUMBERS 0 and 1 GIF = g
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