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Computer Science

Word Lecture - Negative space: white space on a page in/around text and graphics - Floating is an object inside the page (can be weirdly shaped) - Anchored is what provides an edge or frame for an object - Anchored is formal and floating is more informal Business Documents - Record-keeping role: is important and is advisable by Canada Records - Email is considered less formal and doesn’t provide all detain that would be in a business letter Business Letter Formats - Justified edge makes it faster and easier to read - Usually left justified is normal, and text is right-justified, indentation is important as well as space in between diff. paras - Indent is useful in less formalized as it slows down the reader Points to Remember: - Get to point quickly in the first para. - Don’t underline unless necessary - Netiquette: used to be how to behave on the internet. Using all caps before wasn’t a thing. Now it’s considered as if you’re shouting to put emphasis. Things have changed on the way of behavior on the internet - Ambiguous Marital Status (AMS)-> Ms. Mrs. Isn’t appropriate anymore - Do not address someone if you don’t know how to - Phone ahead or ask someone to figure out how to address them - Don’t say to whom it may concern, because it makes it seem like you’re lazy and unprofessional and that you weren’t courteous enough to find out small details - Regarding line in an e-mail or letter should be where you put the detail instead of a title (can be underlined without misunderstanding of hyperlink) - Say respectfully yours instead of sincerely - B.c.c: blind carbon copy- you don’t know who it’s being sent to (stealthy carbon copy) - Carbon copy should include title Other lines in Letters - “Please find enclosed” should be at the beginning, and being polite can help in getting replies - Date on top right and page number in the top middle, as well as name of recipient on the top left - Cover letter is specific to the moment, to the job - Letter of transmittal: something important for the recipients benefit - Letter of complaint: should have constructive criticism and not just ranting so they can improve their business and reply to your e-mail - Letter of intent: for-runner of letter of agreement. It is where you are probing another company to form a partnership with them. It can be used for business relationships and agreement Basic Financial Documents - The system for electronic document analysis and retrieval (SEDAR) is a filing system developed for the Canadian securities administrators. Publicly traded companies file financial statements and other reports with www. - Make sure statements are audited by a reputed firm -> if not, then don’t believe it - Ca
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