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Computer Science

Using XTML to Create Web Pages - World wide web is a is not the internet, it is a service - The very first internet was ARPANET. It was for 2 purposes which were archives and research. Archive provided access or sharing capabilities for utilities. (Ex: DOS- demonstrated how to operate machinery) - In dos, dir was known as the directory, type is the content of text file, xcopy was to copy from floppy to hard drive - World wide web grew out of the internet - Gui is a graphic user interface - Ftp: file transfer protocol from one program to another - HTML was developed to combine text and graphic and to deal with graphic user interface (click on things/easy access) - Fortran was an early language in programming. Soon COBOL, C is high level understanding(UNIX), - HTML is a markup language and places texts and codes that can be recognized by browser to display things a certain way - CSS (cascading style sheets): allows more control over formatting - Extensible in terms of computer means self-modifying (FORTH was an operating system and coder) - Extensible could be meant for extend as it extends ordinary html capabilities to extend Typing the Basic XTML Tags - First line is a standard line - Deprecated: no longer used or in favour - Every web page has opening and closing html tags - A tag is how we define elements - Syntax is the grammar and rules and defines the elements within the tag - Anything inside the brackets is part of the tag - Attributes are key words that render the interpretations of the text - w3: world wide bed consortium - 2 major sections (head and body) - In head, specific information about file - Meta statement talks about text and character set - DTD=document type definition -
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