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September 13, 2012 Working with Formulas - The main reason for using Excel is to display values calculated from data - A formula is an expression that returns a value - Begins with "= " - Operators combine different values - Generally arithmetic operations - Usually use numbers stored within cells - Order of precedence applies - To enter a formula: - Type in a cell - Select cells - Verify via F2 *** Press F4 for absolute referencing *** - Formulas can be copied and pasted - Beware of absolute vs. relative references - Can "paste special" in a number of ways - You can view all of the formulas in your worksheet by pressing Ctrl+' - A function is a named operation that returns a value, generally used to simplify formulas - For example the formula: =A1+A2+A3+A4+A5 - Produces the same result as the function: =SUM(A1:A5) - Over 300 functions available for numbers, dates and times. - To enter a functions: - Type - Select cell - Function wizard - AutoSum can be used for Sum, Average, Count, Minimum and Maximum - What makes a good formula? - Use functions when possible -> cleaner - Don't hide data values in formulas - Show intermediate results to make it easier to follow the logic - A variety of actions can be performed on worksheets: - Insert - Delete - Rename - Move - Copy - Tab colour Editing your work - To edit cell contents you enter editing mode: - F2 - Double-Click - Click in the formula bar - Press Enter when done - Press Esc to exit without applying changes
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