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Lecture 6

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Access – Building a Database and Defining Table Relationships 10/22/2012 5:13:00 AM Guidelines for Designing Databases  Identify all the fields needed to produce the required information  Organize each piece of data into its smallest useful part  Group related fields into tables  Determine each table’s primary key  Include a common field in related tables  Avoid data redundancy  Determine the properties of each field Guidelines for Setting Field Properties  You much name, each field, table, and other object  Choose an appropriate data type  The Field Size property defines a field value’s maximum storage size for Text, Number, and AutoNumber fields only o Byte o Integer o Long Integer o Single o Double o Decimal Creating a Table in Design View  Creating a table in Design View involves entering the field names and defining the properties for the fields, specifying the primary key, and saving the table structure Defining a Field in Design View  In the Field Name box, type the name for the field, and then press the Tab key  Accept the default Text data type, or click the arrow and select a different data type for the field. Press the Tab key.  Enter an optional description for the field, if necessary  Use the Field Properties pane to type or select other field properties, as appropriate Specifying the Primary Key in Design View  Display the table in Design view  Click in the row for the field you’ve chosen to be the primary key to make it the active field. If the primary key will consist of two or more fields, click the row selector for the first field, press and hold down the Ctrl key, and then click the row selector for each additional primary key field.  In the Tools group on the Design tab, click the Primary Key button Moving a Field  To move a field, you use the mouse to drag it to a new location in the Table window in the Table Design grid. Adding a Field Between Two Existing Fields  In the Table window in Design view, select the row below where you want the new fields to be inserted  In the Tools group on the Design tab, click the Insert Rows button  Define the new field by entering the field name, data type, optional description and any property specifications Importing Data from an Excel Worksheet  The import process allows
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