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Computer Science
John Nakamura

Course Syllabusoutline 252012 50900 PM Tutorial leaders dipti patel pateld49mcmasterca Mahmoud khademikhademmmcmasterca itb 204Computer Science 1TA3 Course Outline Elementary Computing and Computer Use Term II 201112 Instructors John Nakamura Computing and Software Dept ITB 242 phone extension 27017email Through Avenue to Learn Course Assistance In addition to consulting your instructor during designated officehours or at an individually arranged time you have the assistance available FOR LECTURE MATERIAL AND ASSIGNMENTS 1 Computing and Software Dept Dropin CentreITB Information Technology Building Room 242 Staffed by Mr John Nakamura Senior Instructional ext 27017 Asghar Bokhari Instructional Assistant ext 27554 following Assistant who are Computing and Software Department staff membersand are available at the Dropin Centre during scheduled times to provide help with course related material assignments and projects Dropin Centre hours will be announced in classThe Dropin Centre is equipped with a couple of PC workstations for the onduty assistant to check your work 2 Teaching Assistants Your TA is employed by the Computing and Software Department and is assigned to a group of students called a tutorial group The TA for each group is available in the workstationcluster area during the period that is reserved foryour tutorial At this time the TA can provide help to clarify common and individual problems about assignments and lecture material as well as answer queries about marked assignments and COMPUTER FACILITIES UTS University Technology Services maintain several computer labs on campus There are labs in JHE room 234 BSB room 241 244 249 and KTH room B121 B123 testsIn some of the areas there are UTS staff calledStudent Consultants SC who are on duty in the computing labs Student consultants are available to provide technical helpon using the facilities hardwaresoftware They are INSTRUCTED NOT TO HELP WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF SOLUTIONS TO THE ASSIGNMENTS They are not familiar with the course content or focus COURSE ADMINISTRATION Mr John Nakamura ITB 242 Mr Nakamura coordinates all administrative details associated with this course including time table conflicts tutorial schedulesreturn of assignments and tests outside of tutorial periods and electronic posting of recorded marks for assignments and tests Discrepancies in your posted marks must be discussed with Mr Nakamura prior to writing the final exam Schedule Tutorials See Registrars timetable Classes See Registrars timetable All tutorials are held in one of the microcomputer cluster areas where you will be able to use a microcomputer during your tutorial period Tutorials are optional however students are responsible for any materials or exercises done in the tutorials Attendance will be taken TUTORIALS BEGIN Jan 9 2012 If a tutorial has not been assigned to you you could not get one by using SOLAR go to ITB 242 Drop in Centre and get assigned one Calendar Description Organization of microcomputers hardware and operating systemsand overview of computer communications introduction to information exchange using word processingdesktop the Internet and Web pages problem solving using electronic spreadsheets and elementary database concepts Course Objectives This course is intended to introduce students to the fundamentals of computing No previous computing experience is required BUT students are advised that this course will require student complete tasks using several computer applications Students without experience using a personal computer with Windowsbased software should plan to spend extra time to complete their practicalwork Learning to use specific software applications is not thesubject of this course Lectures will focus on general aspects of computingStudents will be assigned practical problems to solve using examples of the software discussed in lectures and in tutorials Outline of Topics Here are some of the topics to be covered Computer SystemDataInputOutput Devices Ports and Expansion Slots Memory Storage Devices CPUProcessing Speed Operating Systems Word Processing Spreadsheets DatabaseWebInternet Networks More topics may be covered in class Some topics may also get skipped Format The course comprises three lectures per week plus one tutorial Student Assessment Grading Final grades will be based on Assignments 22Test 1 16Test 2 20 Final 42 The instructor reserves the right to adjust final marks up or down in the light of special circumstances andor an individuals overall performance in the course Throughout the term marks for assignments and the tests will be posted electronically Final exam marks do not get posted It is each students responsibility to ensure that he or sheis credited for the correct marks prior to writing the final exam Discrepancies must be discussed with Mr Nakamura andmarked assignments or test papers MUST be produced if required to substantiate claims NOTE Medical absences for missed tests and assignments must be confirmed in writing and submitted to your Dean of StudiesAfter submitting the excusal to your Dean of Studies you MUST talk to the instructor for further instructions within 3 days of the excusal submission Failing to do so will result in the excusal being revoked ASSIGNMENTS
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