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COMPSCI 1BA3 Lecture Notes - Century Gothic, Leidang, Page Orientation

Computer Science
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Anthony Hurst

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Comp Sci Notes:
OLE-= Object linking embedding- lets you link from one file to another file.
BLB= Binary large object
Access use SQL code but returns it in a user friendly way QBE Programs copy and paste MYSQL
Information Presentation:
Elements of design
Focuses on the Relationship between the foreground and the back ground
One and a half inches at least for letter size so everyone can see.
Know your Audience- present in an understandable manner.
Repetition of patterns throughout work, easily absorbable colours
Ballistic- purposeful behaviour
Non-ballistic mode= more easily persuadable
Serifs- hooks on letters
Creating the right impression
We read ad’s in a circular motion whereas we read books top to bottom
Present in a timely manner
Extra space above sub headings, keep the sub heading close to the paragraph it is
related to
Give space so muscles in eye can relax
Have strong grammar and balanced proportions
Page numbering should be the same size as text in document
Static balance is boring, work in odd numbers to make it interesting, interest in started
with no balance, 3 and 5
Runaround= text box
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