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McMaster University
Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
Helene Strauss

CSCT January 4January 6What is culture Why study itHistory of social relations in the cityCommon behaviour of groups of people actions ideology valuesSet of traditionsPractices values institutions accepted by general specific regions omass mediamiddle ground of flattening out power struggle and violenceProfessor def of cultureoSeeks to make the best that has been thought and known in the world current everywhere to make all men live in an atmosphere of sweetness and light ArnoldCultural practices are affluent elite culture ballet exclusive in regards to education background exposureAnthropology cultureoSubsect of peoples shared eating habits recreational activities dressing musicFluent between groupsPop culture oConsumption paris HiltonoProduction local everyday practicesMass culture v folk cultureoMC tends to be people who reach large audience authors etcoMC rap country music origin was folkoFC local cultural practices not known very widely hard to distinct between the twoThe culture of everyday lifePop culture something like the communicative practices of everyday life that are shared among many members of society including and especially those who arent particularly socially environmentally or politically powerful PC 10
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