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Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
Helene Strauss

January 1318 RepresentationMap v Peters map 1974Different ways to represent the earth on a flat surface first version is easier to read political map longitude and latitudeFirst one we mentally recognize with compound to the second oneSecond map represents physical representation more to scalethPeter rejected Macata projection 16 century inaccurate and racist distorts the African ndcontinentland mass because its actually 2 largest continent Peters map reshapes the world and perception of African worldLanguage shapes the world representation is shaped by the way ideology structures socialcultural circumstances relations of powerSemioticsLinguistic turn and structuralism Ferdinand De Saussure 18371913 and CS Pierce 18391914Sign fundamental unit of communication hairstyle clothing choices body language facial expression verbal languageLanguage system of signs takes on meaning crossoLangue reference to the whole system of language and meaningoParole individual cant function without langueInterconnected relationshipoRules govern how we convey something grammar etcSIGN relationship not conventional or naturaloSIGNIFIERSign represents the idea
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