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Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
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Helene Strauss

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rdCSCT 1CS3March 3 2011Identity and CommunityCh 7Ways group consciousness is producedWhat are the terms people use to affiliate themselves with a groupWhat is at stake when doing this and keeping some outWhat symbols are used to represent How do these symbols speak and representGroup belonging is not always equal belonginghierarchyWhat is Canada is not a nation no specific type of religion or language binding people together multicultural part of North America known for cold climate global village 10 provinces 3 territories lots of green space Canada is not the USspeaks to anxieties by being swallowed by powerful neighbouring force 18 C constructs have strong power in our lives today patriotism nationality culturebiased based on gender and sexualityNationNationalism Benedict AndersonImagined Community History Relationship btw nation and nationali
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