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Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
Helene Strauss

Cultural Studies Lecture March 24th 2011GlobalizationWhat is GlobalizationOften it seems that the word has as many meanings as there are people using the term Over time however some consensus is developing on what globalization entails We can start with the following statement Globalization is the growth of supraterritorial relations among people creating a complex series of connections that tie together what people do what they experience and how they live across the globe In participating and acting in these connections individuals and communities see the world increasingly as one place and imagine new activities and roles for themselves in this world When we use the word supraterritorial relations here we refer to relationships that develop beyond the physical locations even territorially defined countries in which we live Global AutonomyBroadlyA range of complex multilayered processes that no single definition can captureSome use the term to talk about political social economic cultural and technological changes that the world has seen in the past 20 or so yearsavoid fixation of globalization being a new thing this is an idea that connects to consumerism Many trace the beginnings of processes of globalization back much further starting with the beginnings of European colonial e
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