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Lecture 10

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McMaster University
Earth Sciences
Sergei Basik

VOLCANOES: CLASSIFICATION Shield Volcanoes Shield Volcanoes  On hotspots or mid-oceanic ridges  Example of a volcano that lies exactly on the mid-oceanic ridge: Iceland  Huge volcanoes  Large volumes of lava  Ex. Hawaii  Biggest volcano in the world (Manua Loa in Hawaii)  Mount Kilauea in Hawaii has been erupting every day  Fire and water meet  Called a shield volcano because the structure looks like an ancient shield Cinder Cones Cinder Cones  Often appear on the slopes of huge shield volcanoes  Cinder cone volcanoes on the side of shield volcanoes  Eruptions are more dangerous than shield volcanoes  Blasts upward  Most active cinder cone right now is Cerro Negro  Very dangerous but rarely cause serious injury Composite or Stratovolcanoes Stratovolcanoes  Cone-shaped mountain  Different characteristics from cinder and shield volcanoes  Different layers of volcanic products (volcanic composite)  Most active volcano in Mexico: Popocatepetl Volcano  Ex. Mount Fuji, Japan  The most violent volcanoes, most dangerous  Can sleep for thousands of years and then become active again  Have tectonic plate in Antarctica  Have v
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