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Lecture 11

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Earth Sciences
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Sergei Basik

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Lecture 11 October 1, 2013 VOLCANOES: HAZARDS AND MITIGATION Volcanic Hazards  Fertile soils usually located in prairies  People live close to volcanoes because: o Fertile soil can be found not that far from volcanoes o Beautiful vistas o Volcanoes are in places with nice climates (Hawaii, Italy) o They forget that volcanoes are so dangerous and believe that volcano will not erupt while they live there o An entire island can be made of volcanoes and there are no other places to live (have no choice) Lava Flows  Not the most dangerous type of hazard  Not very fast/dynamic  Dangerous but not as dangerous as other hazards Pyroclastic Flows and Surges  Most dangerous  Hot volcanic ash and hot steam  Hottest flow  Mostly come from composite volcanoes  Most dangerous place during pyroclastic flow is the bottom of the valley Ash and Pumice Falls  Can create “volcano weather” sometimes for years after an eruption  Remains in stratosphere Volcanic Mudflows or Lahars  Can create a hot stream Predi
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