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Lecture 7

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Earth Sciences
Sergei Basik

Tsunami Generation and Dynamics Lecture 7 September 20 2013Tsunami Japanese termharbour wave Tsunamis are most commonly generated by earthquakes but they can also be caused by volcanic eruptions landslides or rockfalls volcano flank collapses and asteroid impacts1 Tsunami Generation 11 EarthquakeGenerated Tsunami Tsunami are most commonly generated by earthquakes Major tsunamis are produced by large greater than 7 M shallow focus30km depth in the earth earthquakesMost tsunami are generated during underwater earthquakes associated with the sudden rise or fall of the seafloor which displaces a large volume of water Earthquakegenerated tsunami occur most commonly on a reversethrustfault movement subduction zoneEarthquake displaces a huge volume of water creating tsunami waves that move in both directions towards and away from the continent from the location where they are generatedDiagram Courtesy of Natural Resources Canada The height of a tsunami wave depends onthe magnitude of the earthquakearea of the rupture zonerate and volume displacedsense of ocean floor depth of water above the rupture
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