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Lecture 8

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Earth Sciences
Sergei Basik

Tsunami Mitigation and Prediction Lecture 8September 23 2013 1 Historical Tsunami 1 Indian Ocean Sumatra Indonesia tsunami 12262004 More than 230000 diedAn estimated 1200 km of fault slipped about 15 m along the subduction zone Indian and Burma plates over a period of several minutes The waves devastated the shores of the OceanWaves reached the east coast of Africa more than 4500 km of the epicentreDue to the distances involved the tsunami took anywhere from fifteen minutes Sumatra Indonesia to ten hours for Kenia Africa to reach the various coastlines Reports have the height ranging form 23 m at the African coast Kenya up to 1015 m at Sumatra Maximum24 m run up Sumatra 2 Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Tsunami damage can be mitigated by land use planning and appropriate considerations for development Tsunami warning systems are able to predict tsunami travel time fairly accurately even to coastlines far from an earthquake epicenter
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