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Lecture 14

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Earth Sciences
Sergei Basik

Atmosphere DynamicsBasic Elements Lecture 14 October 8 20131 Climate and Weather Weather conditions of atmosphere at particular place and timeTemperature air pressure humidity precipitation air motion Climate weather of area averaged over long time Significant effects on hazards involving coastal erosion hurricanes thunderstorms tornadoes wildfires The six major regional weather drivers areAir masses Fronts Pressure systems Wind patterns Ocean surface currents Mountain ranges and topography2 Hydrologic CycleWater derived from evaporation of ocean waterSome water precipitates over continents as rain or snowMost rain that is not taken up by plants soaks in to become groundwaterGroundwater seeps back to surface into lakes and rivers and ultimately flows back to seaAll part of hydrologic cycleAir can dissolve water vapor cold air can dissolve little water vapor warm air can dissolve a lot of water vapor 3 Orographic effectAir moving over continent may be forced to rise over mountain range so expands and cools in orographic effectCooler air can hold less moisture so precipitation occurs as air mass risesAir moving down other side of mountain range is then warmer and drierRain shadow effect creates deserts on downwind side of mountain ranges
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