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Earth Sciences
Sergei Basik

Lecture 1General Introduction to the Course September 62013Earth Sc 2GG3Natural DisastersCourse ObjectivesIn this course the students will examine the dynamic interrelationships between geological atmospheric and hydrological processes that cause various natural hazards and disasters including earthquakes volcanoes tornadoes hurricanes landslides floods and climate change The main emphasis is to provide the students a basis for understanding natural hazardrelated conceptsBy the end of this course the students will be able toExplain and characterize the causes of natural disastersCompare and contrast their historical examples and geographical distributionIdentify and analyze the physical characteristics of natural disastersRecognize and predict their impact on human population Course OrganizationThe course consists of lecture material textbook readings videos weblinks five online quizzes two tests and a final examination Lecture notes will be posted on Avenue to Learn prior to the lecture The schedule of textbook readings is included in the Course Schedule Additional resource materials videos readings weblinks etc will be scheduled throughout the semesterThis course requires the use of iClickers to collect inclass responses from students Allstudents are responsible to have an iClicker before September 13th 2013when participation for marks will start to be recorded You will need to register an iClicker using your name and McMaster ID Pease use the following website httpwwwiclickercomsupportregisteryourclicker It is the students responsibility to have an iClicker in a good technical condition every class There will be no accommodations for the technical problems and lostforgotten devices The record of participation obtained from the iClicker Base System is the only source of participation recordYou will get 10of your final grade if you click a response to at least 85 of iClicker polls during the semester Your final iClicker participation mark will be determined as follows iClicker Responses EnterediClicker Participation Markof the final grade85or more10 8084970798
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