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Lecture 9

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Earth Sciences
Luc Bernier

Introduction to the Great Lakes1 Which argument between Canada and the US was renewed in September 2012 a Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement b Boundary Waters Treaty c Columbia River Treaty d Juan de Fuca Strait Water Agreement More than 12000 km from west to east What are the Main Characteristics of the SystemThe largest system of fresh surface water on earthHave played a major role in the history and development of the United States and CanadaHome to more than 25 of the population of CanadaMore than 10 of the population of the US25 of the agricultural production is located around the great lakes7 of the agricultural production of the US is around the great lakes Part 1Introduction to the System 2 Which of the Great Lakes has been the most affected by the impacts of agriculture a Huron b Erie c Michigan d Ontario 3 Which of the Great Lakes has the worlds largest concentration of pulp and paper mills a Huron b Erie c Michigan d Ontario 4 Which of the Great Lakes is only substantially affected by airborne pollution a Superior b Erie c Michigan d Ontario Map of the great lakes basin in terms of their relief 3 23000 km of freshwater is contained in the great lakes 2 The total surface area is 244000 kmTheres higher relief near the north and lower relief near the southThe green areas are much closer to sea levelWater flows inland to the great lakes Introduction to the Great LakesAll these areas drain water inland to the great lakesFlow is SuperiorMichiganHuronErieOntarioSt Lawrence River Moving from areas at higher sea levels to lower sea levels and eventually reaching the Atlantic oceanSt Marys River leads connection between Lake Superior and Lake HuronLake Ontario discharged into the St Lawrence river and eventually to the Atlantic oceanThrough this travel water had been substantially impacted by pollution
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