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Earth Sciences
Luc Bernier

[email protected] THE FUTURE OF WATER • Dogon, Mali - edge of Sahara • most live with little water • nomad lifestyle lake Antogo - comes and goes; competition for fish (annual event) - symbol for • human’s powerlessness when confronted with world’s hydrological cycle • Tibet - new role as a water bank • Yangzi, Mekong, Ganges, Brahamputra, etc. (10 crucial rivers) all flow from Himalayas - ie. Tibet is Asia’s water tower • in the previous century - Himalayas was a symbol for eternal ice and snow -> this is changing • 5000m above sealevel mountain desert for a large part of Tibet • • Yao Tangdong - in the next 50 years some glaciers will disappear • annual glacial shrinkage ~ total riverflow in Yellow River • Indes - lifeline of Pakistan (90% of its water come from glaciers) • Mekong - Thailand, Burma, etc. (southeast Asia) • Alps • all glaciers below 2000m sea level will be gone in 2070 • 60% of Netherlands lie below sealevel • Schipel airport • god created the world, men created Netherlands - Descartes • primary task of windmills - pump up water from fields into canals • rat catchers? • water pump as nerve centre for national life • water flow will increase by 40% at some times of the year • Greenland along coastlines lives about 3000 people • • world’s largest island has 10% of world’s water in ice • in some places it’s 3km thick • shrinking at 10m/year - runoff from glacier is increasing UN - it would take 500~years to melt • • NASA - everything can melt within 200 years • can become a hydroelectric giant • 1970s - plans for ar
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