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Lecture 4

EARTHSC 2WW3 Lecture 4: Class 4

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McMaster University
Earth Sciences

More on pollution Agriculture o Arable and livestock o Sediment produced o Nitrogenphosphorus highly mobile Used in laundry detergent Pesticide Creates algae build up o If surface water is polluted, its still okay and relatively easy to clean.. Ground water, no you are talking about millions of dollars Water Chemistry Nutrients Nitrogen o important plant nutrient o exists in atmosphere (78 of total volume) o Nitrate created by lightning, bacteria o Nitrite created by bacteria o Ammonia is a byproduct of decaying plant tissue o excessive amounts can be detrimental to human health Phosphorus o can be natural or artificial o can be a hindrance in water treatment plants Large amounts of all of this can be detrimental to health, but we are more concerned about how it affects water Eutrophication moving from a oligtrophic to mesotrophic to eutrophic L. Superior is Oligtrophic o Lots of nutrients Tobermory eutrophic o You can see 30 feet down natural process humans impact more likely to happen in standing water Nitrate from wastewater treatment plans can assist in process Water Chemistry All surface water contains o Dissolved substances Dissolved ions Sum of all dissolved solutes plus silicais the TDS Suspended substances (aka suspended sediment) o Usually 0.004mm to 1.0mm o Where does it come from? o Kill animal life. Through turbidity? Turbidity: depth of visibility Inorganic and organic substances o Sand, cilica, rocks, animal waste
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