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Lecture 2

EARTHSC 2WW3 Lecture 2: Class 2

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Earth Sciences

If humanity can avoid nuclear holocaust in the 21st century, then water is going to be the most important issue to deal with. ~ Professor Andras SzollosiNagy Director of the Division of Water and Secretary of the International Hydrological Programme of the United Nations Announcements http:michaelmoore.com10FactsOnFlint Lecture 2 Water cycle, water basics, other stuff Outline Flint Flint was very comparable to hamilton Strong middle class, both fairly well off As manufacturing leaves a city, it goes through a decline Flint is still going through a decline, and a way to save money, they cut back on water Water use to come from lake huron detroit Changed water source to flint river.. Not the cleanest place in the world, but not the worst idea, but the river negatively reacted to the old infrastructure, and caused lead and other stuff to get into the water. Counted thousands of parts of lead per million (normal is one or two) First company to figured out it was bad water ?? GM What disease skyrocketed?? Legionitis disease Cost 1.5 B dollar mistake What is Water? The basics The water cycle Basic concepts Some water economics What is water? An element? Why the bonds matter Physical Properties Thermal Density 4 C 1gcm^3 most dense at 4 degrees Expansion Specific heat 4200 joules (thats how much heat it takes to evaporate a gram of it) second highest to ammonia Phase change 6 times to change Greenhouse gas importance
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