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Hannah Holmes

th LEC07 Oct 4 2010 Population, Health and Health Care II: Contemporary Perspectives See pg 281-285 1. What is mean by the term “well-being”? 2. What factors affect well being? 3. What is geographical about well being? WELL BEING -refers to the extent to which individuals and groups have access to the resources and services required to meet their needs and aspirations [economic, social, psychological] -related to “quality of life” ‘liveability’ -components of well-being include necessities (food, shelter, health) non necessities *What factors make our cities, society more or less liveable? FOCUS ON ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE MEDICAL GEOGRAPHY -the georgrahic ex spatial contest of health [spatial patterns and processes of health and medical well- being] The 4 DS Distribution-spatial patterns of health, disease etc Diffusion- spread of disease over space Determinants-factors affecting health status ex pollution levels Delivery-provision of health care services [where to locate emergency centres/hospitals] **EMPHASIS ON HEALTH AND SPACE MORTALITY: DEATH && MORBIDITY: DISEASE -variations in mortality and morbidity [patterns and processes] observed at all geo scales **see fig. 5.11 pg 188  What role does geo paly in our health status? Ex is our health affected by WHERE we live?  “…Good health, unlike real estate, is not a matter of location, location, location-Ham Spec WHO defined health as “the absence of disease” More recently, health viewed as a composite of physical, socials and emotional well-being ex as a resource for everyday living (as necessity which affects our quality of life and liveability of our cites) What does it mean to be healthy?? Canada Health Act: 1. Access to health care 2. Portability [province to province] 3. Publicly administered (VS PRIVATE) 4. Universality (available to all) 5. Comprehensiveness (covers everything)
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